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About Yogaloha

Aloha! Welcome to Yogaloha Hawaii!

How blessed are we to be able to call this beautiful paradise home? Hawaii provides the perfect setting for yoga, meditation, healing, and relaxation. Located just blocks away from the beautiful sunshine of Waikiki Beach, the feeling of paradise will inspire your practice at Yogaloha.

Aloha’s original meaning was “sharing of breath.” Breath, used in this context, is symbolic of the life force within each of you. The spirit of aloha can be extended to all realms of daily life; relationships (with others and with yourself), work, play, and, of course, yoga. Yogaloha’s goal is help incorporate aloha into the practice of yoga, which, in turn, will extend into your life off of the mat!

All levels are welcome to Yogaloha! Our classes range from relaxing and self reflective to sweaty and challenging. No matter where you are in your yoga practice, even if you are yet to take your first class, you will be taken care of at Yogaloha. Our experienced, friendly teachers watch each student with awareness to ensure correct alignment. This will guarantee that your yoga practice is one that will be sustainable for the rest of your life.

Yogaloha Hawaii offers yoga classes on a drop-in basis. Workshops, community events, and retreats are also offered for all skill levels. Allow the floor to ceiling sunlight of our new studio with warm-toned earth-friendly and beach vibes of Waikiki to lead you through your practice at Yogaloha! And as always, yoga mats are provided for free.

200Hr Yoga teacher training

Are you ready to start your yoga journey? Do you have a passion for the yogic lifestyle? Do you want to share that passion with others? Do you want to deepen your practice? Whatever your intention, join us for our 3-Week Summer Immersion Yoga Teacher Training and 2-Month Fall Weekends Yoga Teacher Training.

Yogaloha Hawaii Academy will give you the guidance to expand upon your yoga practice and to prepare you to become a teacher of the art of yoga. Upon completion of the academy, you will earn a certificate indicating the completion of a 200-hour yoga-training program. With this certificate, the opportunity to share your experience of yoga will become a reality.

Everyone is yoga-ohana!

Share the aloha, and join our ohana! Ohana means family in Hawaiian, and that is exactly what the Yogaloha community is. You and your fellow yogis are a part of this ohana. The yoga ohana at Yogaloha works to support each other with non-judgment and openness throughout the yoga practice. Just bring yourself, join the class, and become a part of our ohana!


ヨガアロハは、2012年にワイキキにオープンしました。「aloha」は、愛、誇り、叡智、歓迎、信頼、こんにちは、ありがとう、I love you、などの様々な意味を持つ、とても深くて美しい言葉です。そして「yoga」には、結ぶ、繋ぐ、融合などの意味があり、実はアロハの精神、つまりアロハスピリッツに通じるものがあります。そんな「yoga」と「aloha」とを合わせた「Yogaloha」は、ヨガを通して皆様と心がつながる喜びをシェアできるスタジオでありたいという願いを込めた名前です。予約なしのドロップインも可能ですので、気軽にクラスへご参加ください。


ヨガマットやその他ヨガクラスに必要なプロップスは無料で提供しています。予約なしのドロップインも可能ですので、 動きやすい服装で気軽にクラスへご参加ください。



大人気! ワイキキビーチヨガ(日本語クラス)

常に貿易風が吹くハワイは空気がとても新鮮で、空気中のマナ(プラーナ、生命エネルギー)が沢山! 波と風の音を聞きながら行う朝のビーチでのヨガクラスは、体がまだ目覚めていない早朝から少しずつ動かし呼吸をすることによって血液が体中に巡り、体を気持ちよく目覚めさせます。開放感たっぷりの野外クラスは、ハワイでしか味わうことができません。詳しくは、Beach Yogaをご覧ください。

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